Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Letter from Grandma Patty

Dear Junie,

I so loved spending time with you last week. I'm so sorry that you fell asleep when your Mom dropped me off at the airport. I did kiss you and tell you I love you while you were sleeping.

You are so much fun. I loved digging in the dirt with you, playing in the park and rolling pie dough. I love your sense of style...a fancy dress (that you love) doesn't stop you from getting down with digging or spinning on your swing. Who cares about ketchup on your dress, life is meant to be savored.

I love how you spontaneously kiss me and I also love how you wrap your arms around yourself and exclaim, "I'm frustrated."

You and Zoe have SO much fun together. She can make you laugh like crazy and you love to mimic her every move. But, she can't get over on you. Oh no, not a chance. You let her know what is the deal.

I recently sent you a new fancy dress because your Mom said that the one you love is getting too small. By the way, you are amazingly tall and so skilled for a 2 year old. I bought you a size 3T and I hope it fits.

Your Halloween costume is to die for! You will be the cutest unicorn rider EVER. I wish I could be there to see you.

I look forward to spending Christmas with you here at my house.  That will be a special treat for me. I love you to the moon and back and all around the cosmos Junie B Jones Hilton.

Smooch smooch smooches.
Grandma Patty

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