Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey, CUTE!

Dear Juniper, 



And, sweet. You're so sweet.

I was talking to my friend Liz the other day about how guilty I feel that I'm altogether so much worse at updating your blog. I asked her if she felt that way about her second child and she said, "Nope. I don't have any guilt. Sure, I can't give Cora everything I gave Gabby, but she has Gabby. And because of it her life is so much more rich." She's right, you know. Part of the reason I can't and don't update this blog as much as I did Zoe's is because of you and Zoe. God, you love Zoe. You let her get away with shocking things. She will yell in your face and you'll giggle. She'll try and hug you HARD when it's clear you're not into it and you'll give in and bury your face in her chest. It kills me. When you wake up in the morning and see her in bed with us, you DIVE for her. 

You were sleeping like a total maniac there for a while and I was about to lose it, so we bought you a crib. I can't say you LOVE it, but you're way more agreeable about it than I expected. You are mostly pissed you can't sleep with a boob in your mouth at all times. Sorry. Not happening. An exhausted mama is NOT something you want, trust me. I have had a bunch of anxiety about you not sleeping right next to me because I love it when you sleep next to me but it really only works if you sleep, dude. 

You're eating a lot - you LOVE beans and fruit (mini-Jessie!) and you're very good at picking things up with your little fingers. You are crawling all over the place and pulling up but I think you're still a few months from walking. You seem to think your feet are made of lead bricks. That is except for when you're going up the stairs. Then you burn rubber. 

You do quite a bit of babbling. You say Mama, Dada and lodolodolodo but I'm not sure you know what they mean. Especially lodolodolodolodo. I'm not even sure I know what that means. 

I love you so much. I want to eat your face. Seriously. You smell so good and your skin is so soft and you're so good natured and delightful. You roll with the nuttiness of this family so well.