Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A letter from Aunt Jess

Welcome to the life of being the little sister Junie, from one to another. It sucks. But the good news is, you and Zo will probably be best friends like me and your mom. So I guess in addition to sucking it is also awesome. You will have someone bossing you around FOREVER who has your best interest at heart.

I have admittedly not had as much time to fawn all over you in person as I did with your sis because:
1.  I was an insane person planning a wedding for the last 9 months
2. Zoe B is no joke about make sure she gets attention around these parts. 

But don't you worry, I have been fawning at your from afar - all the way from brooklyn. I've been busy looking at how cute your cheeks are and how funny you are with your noises. Baby werewolf and baby pterodactyl make me laugh when I'm stressed out at my high-powered NYC job. I show pictures of you to my co-workers and friends without them asking. I compare photos of me when I was a baby and you now; the resemblance is staggering. You are my mini! You are very chill, agreeable and busy observing the world around you. 

I wish that you lived right next store so I could come over and squeeze your cheeks and make sure you know just who your aunt jess is. I hope that your mom is busy making picture books with me in it so you don't forget my face. But thank goodness for technology because we ichat together and you still smile when I talk to you, so I am taking that as a good sign.

I look forward to knowing you Ms. Junie, you are awesome and amazing in every single way and I just know that Zoe and I will add you to our best friend club, because clearly, that is where you belong. 
I love you so much little baby.
Aunt Jess

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Juniper Berry

Hey, kid.

I know I can't start out every single letter to you with "my, how time flies!" because, well, everyone knows that's stupid. And obvious. Obviously stupid. 

Still, I'm tempted. I can't believe you're already almost 7 months old. Right now you're at that perfect age where you sit on the floor and don't topple over and you can only really move in about a 2 ft. radius. Soon you'll be crawling - I can just tell by that rascally look in your eye - and then things will be ROWDY up in here. I remember feeling this way with your big sis; I want you to crawl because YOU WILL FREAKIN' LOVE IT and you'll finally be on your way to having all the fun the big kids are always having without you. On the other hand, geez, please just stay sitting there for a while. It's awesome.

You are off the charts cute, bean. I want to freak out sometimes when I look at your sweet little smiley face because GOOD GOD no one is that cute. No one! It's against the law.

 You love love love your big sister. Your face lights up when she walks into the room - it's AWESOME.

You do this growling thing that might just be my favorite baby noise EVER.  Check this out:

We have sort of started table foods with you - you've had banana, avocado, pears and sweet potato. You seem into it but you'd also happily gnaw on my shoe so I'm not so sure how you really feel about it all. 

I love you so much, kiddo. I could spend all day just smoochin' on your fat cheeks. I go to bed every night feeling so excited and lucky that I get to spend all day every day with you. 

Your mama loves you more than you'll ever know, my sweet little love. 


Sunday, October 9, 2011

6 months of awesome

Hi Junebug!

Yesterday Zoe and I took you to see Dr. Fisher for your 6 month checkup. You're officially very long, kid. You are 29 inches long and taller than 99.9% of all other babies your age. You weigh in at 19.5 lbs. SUPER BABY! Keep it up, champ.