Thursday, September 5, 2013

27 months

Hi Junebug!

As I write this you are over at Grandpa David's having your "Grandpa Day". This is when you pack up your pat-pat (backpack) and go spend the morning at Grandpa's. You LOVE this. You get so excited. This morning you packed up your bathing suit and your My Little Ponies (Maya Ponies as you say) and said, "I ready!"

 You are really talking now and it's 100% awesome. You were outside playing in the mud yesterday and you saw a daddy long legs and you said, "Mom! So scary! Spider! Daddy Legs! See?"

Your dad and I were talking yesterday about how cute we think it is that whenever you ask a question (like "who's that guy?") and we answer you ("that's our neighbor") you say, "oh yeah." Like you knew all along, you were just checking to make sure WE know. I love it.

You also say "settle down" when things get a little rowdy. At first we thought you were saying, "Shut it down!" which was hilarious but where on earth would you have heard that? Settle down is more appropriate anyway.

Sometimes when I give you a choice about what to wear you'll say, "YES OR NO! YES OR NO!" I can tell your sense of humor is going to be killer, kiddo.

You're almost done breastfeeding - you and Zoe both nursed until you were 2.5 I'm happy to say. It's such a bittersweet time (sappy sappy sap sap sap), but I'm mostly happy that we had such a good run and that now you're ready to be a big kid. Pretty soon you'll be potty trained and then start kindergarten and then grow up and leave me. But let's not go down that horrible road.

Oh, I love you to bits my little bug. I just can't even find the words to describe it, as any mother will tell you. Head and heart exploding? Being brought to your knees a thousand times a second? Insides turning to goo? I don't know. It just is, I guess.

You and your sis are the lights of my life. Please remember this when I'm old, crazy and totally bossy.


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