Sunday, March 30, 2014

Don't Tiss Me, That's Yut

Junebug, you're THREE!

Even though I can't even remember life without you, I also can't believe you're already 3. You're already the age that Zoe was when you were born. Crazy insane how time flies, kid.

You have been talking about your birthday for weeks and weeks and were not the best sport about other people's birthdays leading up to yours. For example, when we tried to sing to Grandpa David you said, "It's MY birthday!" (although when you say it it sounds like boat-day) and then you sulked. But this time it really was your birthday and you had the best time. You are obsessed with the movie Frozen and you got A LOT of Frozen toys and clothes for your big day.

I love this picture of you looking so pleased with your Frozen dress and Elsa doll.

You just learned how to go on the potty a few weeks ago and that was SO EASY, I can't even believe it. You're a smart cookie, kiddo. I always gear up for things like this (starting preschool, weaning, potty-training, etc) like I'm driving straight into a hurricane and you guys always show me up. You're all, "Um, nailed it. Good thing you got all nuts, Mom. Ain't no thang, fool." 

You are so funny;  you hardly ate any of your birthday cake because you did mostly this: 

It's awesome. And messy. Luckily your Dad seems to totally get it so he's happy to let you go to town. The desire to squish your cake must come from his side. It's lost on me, man. 

I love you SO much! You're growing up into such an awesome little kid. You're so sweet and funny and rascally and feisty and I love you to bits and bits.