Monday, May 27, 2013

Junie B 2 year old

Hi Bug!

You are the cutest little kid. LOOK at you. WOULD YOU LOOK AT YOU?!

You are talking all the time now. I was a little worried (let's face it, your mom's a worrier) that you were behind on the language but you're totally not. At all. You're talking up a storm and you say the CUTEST things. 

The other day your dad said "I love you" and you said, "Ah La Loot!" You also say "weesh" for fish but you call our little fish Reilly "rye-ee" and you just recently started asking for Shtawbees (strawberries). You end a lot of your sentences with Mommy - "pees Mommy!" so much so in fact that a lot of times you call Daddy 'Mommy' and if you've recently spent a lot of time with your dad you'll switch it. "Yeah, dadddeeeee" (only you say it to me).  

When you don't know where something is you'll put your little finger up to your mouth and say, "hmmmmm". So cute. 
And, yes your favorites numbers are still 2 and 9 but you can say 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9. Not sure what you have against 4, 6 and 10 but whatever. I'm sure there's a reason you ignore those. 

You're are growing like crazy, too. At your 2-year-old appointment you were 36.5 inches tall (some people say that you'll double your height at 2 so you would be just over 6 ft! YESSS!) and 30 lbs. BOSS.

You are still rascally but you're not quite as dangerous in your rascally acts as you used to be. Now I can leave you and Zoe in the playroom for a while and not worry that you're going to put a handful of Barbie shoes in your mouth or climb the play kitchen and jump off. 

We're not the only ones that love you. Ticks also love you. I have pulled 4 ticks off of you in the last few weeks and I have NEVER pulled one off of any of the other kids. This might land me in the loony bin. But you are pretty irresistible so I guess I can't say I blame them. If I was a tick I'd attach myself to you, too. 

I love you SO much, little Bug. You are so sweet and so funny and it's so fun to be your mom. 

I love you.