Sunday, June 3, 2012

Juniper at 14 months

Dear June,

You just turned 14 months old the other day. You are walking, babbling, screeching and making everyone feel self-conscious because of the looks you give them. You, in general, are very disapproving. It's like you're always questioning, "WHAT? What do you want? Who are YOU? What do YOU have to offer me, anyway? Get out of my freakin' face." Of course, it's awesome.

I don't get a lot of blogging time because you and your sister are always up to some kind of shenanigans. You are into everything - on a totally different level than Zoe was at your age. We had to UP the baby-proofing since you are seriously rascally. I don't know how you seem to just KNOW to go to the most dangerous, messiest, most disastrous thing in any given room but man, you've got that mastered. 

You also try to get IN to things like drawers, cabinets, and behind chairs and couches. You like to try to squeeze yourself into tight spaces. Who knows why, but it's pretty funny. 

You're still such a happy little monkey. You get so excited about things. You do this funny little laughing thing when you see you'll get to eat mac n' cheese, or nurse or dump a whole cup of ice all over yourself. It's so cute I sometimes want to scream. 

We are leaving for Michigan in about 6 weeks and I'm so excited to see what you make of it this year. Last year you couldn't even sit up and this year you're going to go bonkers for that place. I am a little concerned about you at the beach, but I think maybe if I put you in a lifejacket and on a leash we should be good. 

You are learning so much every day. It's really crazy. This morning Zoe said, "Hey, June! Say AHHHH." and you just opened your mouth right up and said AH. Then she said, "Now, clap!" and you did. You clapped. Zoe thinks she has the magic touch. I think you're humoring her. Which is all kinds of awesome. 

You are SO much fun, Junebug. I can't even begin to describe how happy you make your mama. I love you so much.