Thursday, September 8, 2016


Dear Bug,

Somehow you started KINDERGARTEN! What? You were so ready, though, and you think it's pretty cool to be going to school with Zoe in the mornings.

I was a little worried you would think the day was too long (you go all day just like the big kids!) and that it would be too many days in a row. Last year when you were in Pre-K, when I told you it was a school day you looked at me like I was torturing you. Not this year, though. You're so happy at Briarwood with your lovely teacher, Miss Nick, and all of your neighborhood pals. This is one of the classic parenting truths: the things that you think will be hard are rarely hard. And often it's harder on you than the child. Feel free to embroider that on a pillow if you want.

You are just the sweetest little love. Miss Nick says you draw her love pictures all the time at school. I am trying to get you to sleep in your own bed more often because you are so big that you kick and smack me in the face all the time when you're moving around in your sleep. Problem is, you always say the sweetest things like, "I just want to be next to you so I can have a happy sleep." You've got my number, kid. I can't say no. Obviously.

You and Kelsey Carroll are the best of friends and play all the time. One of your favorite things to do this summer was collect cicada shells and play with them. You would name them, and give them little beds and set up a whole hospital and/or (roach) hotel.  Kind of gross if you ask me, but funny.

We had an amazing time in Michigan, OF COURSE. You are so sensitive that you really miss your dad, the big kids and your friends when we are gone but you also really love to spend all that time with Grandma Patty and your kitty, Bebe. This year Charlie was there for 10 days and you guys had a blast together. He is the cutest little nugget and you loved being bigger than somebody. You call him "Chawlie" and it rules.

 I'm so proud of you, Bugsy. You're growing up too fast, though. If you could put the brakes on that, I would be grateful. If I think about it too much, it makes me want to lay on the ground and cry. Josie started her senior year this year! In a year she'll be going off to college and it really seems like just a few years ago she was 7 years old. We are all going to miss her so much it's going to SUCK. You'll notice this is a thing with me - the passage of time really FREAKS ME OUT. But enough about that.

I love you to bits. I'm sorry that sometimes I say things like "No more leaving shoes in the car! You have to have shoes on before we get to the drop-off line!" Who cares? Am I right? Someday I'll be wishing there were still tiny flip flops laying around in my car, I just know it. Being a mom is a weird business. But I love you, all the time. Every minute. And I can't write these damn blogs without crying. Maybe that's why I'm so bad at updating them.