Wednesday, January 9, 2013

21 months

Dear Bug,

Here's a picture of you wearing your favorite dress, which you want to wear all the time and usually layered with some other awesome outfit. Why only wear one cool thing when you can just pile them on top of each other?

I just wanted to write something quick here about what you're doing and saying these days because you are SO CUTE.

Your favorite show right now is Dora (doh-wah), of course just after you got a whole bunch of Elmo stuff for Christmas. Oh, well. You like to say, "Mama! Wee-wee! Doh-wah!" (Mama - tv! Dora!"

You call Zoe "Doh-whoa", and when she's at school you ask for her all damn day. You'll say, "Doh-whoa?" and I'll say, "Zoe's at school." and then you say, "NO."

This sister thing is so bittersweet. It's particularly hard for me since I was the big, bad sister. I remembered being totally annoyed with your Aunt Jess. But now I look at you and Zoe and the one I really feel for is YOU. I watch you watching her and wanting to do what she does and it KILLS ME! You just think she's the greatest thing ever and she just rips stuff out of your hands. Not all the time of course - and she's much better than I was - but you know. Ugh. She loves you, though, and I know that once you're a little older you guys will probably be best buddies.

You continue to be a huge rascal. You still eat dirt and actually just now you poured your drinkable yogurt on the kitchen floor and started licking it up.  You took your shirt off in a restaurant the other day. Rascal! Here's a snapshot of one of our days that your dad put on Facebook:

Junie took the PB&J that was handed to her and threw it across the room. Then she walked over to the junk that Chelsea had just swept into a pile from the kitchen floor, pulled something from it and ate it. Right after that, Zoe came up to Chelsea and said, "What do you think you're the only one person in earth?"

The other thing that has been making me laugh is that when we change your poopy diapers you say, "Eeeewwwwwwwww." It's hilarious. Please never stop doing this. 

Ok - see? Short today because we have to run to pick up Doh-whoa. I love you to bits little girl. I could just eat you up.