Friday, March 30, 2012


Junie's one year appt stats: 

height/length: 31.25 inches
weight: 22.8 lbs


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Junie B. One-Year-Old

Well, today you turn 1 year old. I really can't believe it.

A year ago I was so happy to have my new little baby in my arms. Today I'm digging rocks out of your mouth (you eat rocks - what gives?) and laughing at your funny little toddler babble. A year makes such a big difference, kid.

We had your birthday party on Sunday (a few days ago) and you had a GREAT time. See?

We had your buddies Cora and Gabby here for your party, as well as your sibs and Grandpa David. Gabby and Cora got you a pot (a bug - you're Junebug!) full of organic dirt because you do some serious damage to their potted plants when we visit them. What a perfect gift.

Grandpa got you a tiny little rider/pusher toy that is the perfect size for you. You love to push it around all over the place. Only trouble is you don't stop, so you've almost toppled down the hill a few times. 

I will admit that I went totally overboard with the cakes. I think I must be trying to make up for past cake failures (there have been many). Still - you only have one first birthday so that seems like a good time to go totally ape. 

You are such a sweet little baby. Sweet and rascally. You are absolutely wild about the prospect of getting into the toilet so you make a beeline for the bathroom any time you see anyone in there. I find it rather disgusting but you don't seem to care what I think. 

You took a few steps a few weeks ago but nothing since. You have a couple of walker type toys that you love to walk behind but you inevitably bail and then just start walking on your knees. I think all this warm  weather is good, though, because both walking on your knees and crawling hurt so that's a good incentive to get up and walk. I'm betting you'll be walking in about a month. That's my guess. Should I put money down? 

You don't have any consistent words but you say Mumma and Dah! so I guess that counts. You love to take the remote and point it at the TV and say, "dah!". You also grab Zoe's headbands and try to put them on (she's on a bit of a headband kick so they're everywhere) so you know what's goin' on. 

I am so happy that you're my kid, bug. You are just the perfect little addition to our family and it feels like you have always been here. I can't believe a year ago you had just popped out. Life is weird. You'll hear me say this a lot. 

I wish I could find a way to explain the way that I love you - it's something akin to bursting into flames or melting into a puddle maybe? I don't know. It's too big and crazy and all-consuming to really explain or describe. You'll know someday, I'm sure. Like when you have your own babies. 

Happy Birthday, sweet little girl. You have made this last year such an incredibly happy one. I love you so much. 


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Junie B. Hair Cut

Guess who got her first hair cut? 

You have a lot of hair, pumpkin, and it was getting all NUTS. When I tried to snip just the hair that was always hanging in your face you moved and it turned out badly. And then of course I had nightmares of jamming your eyes with scissors because you're such a squirmy little rascal. So - best to leave these things to professionals is what I always say. Your mother is nothing if not resourceful. 

You would have done really well had it not been for your dreadlocks in the back. I tried as best I could to comb them all out before we went but there were a few I just couldn't get and so when Brandi combed them out you cried. Big, fat tears. 

If you would just stop letting them dread your hair at your Rastafarian gatherings, we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of stuff, you know?