Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Junie

Hi Bug!

Sometimes when we call you something other than Junie (like Bug, or Junebug or Juniper), you say, "No, I'm JUST JUNIE!"

I know I always have an excuse for why I don't get to this blog more often, but excuses are cool. Right? This time, it's that things are busy and FUN!

The fall is such a crazy fun time with Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Zoe's birthday and then Christmas! And this year a few weeks after Christmas we went to Arizona. There has been no shortage of fun around here, kiddo.

In the past few months you've gotten really into sharks (you pronounce it SHOUT) and have decided that your power animal might, in fact, be a shark. You used to be really into cheetahs, and you still are, but I have a feeling sharks are going to take the crown for a while.

You are just so, so sweet. You want to snuggle all the time and hold my cheek and give me "tisses" and you tell me I'm the best mom ever.

Sometimes, though, you get mad and tell me that I'm actually NOT the best mom ever and I'm not even the best DRIVER ever. This is the sort of thing that comes out of your mouth when I, for example, try to put your snowpants on and you remember that they are blue and blue is NOT your favorite color. Or if I make you hand over a marker when I can see you're clearly on your way to color something that is NOT meant to be colored on. You don't stay mad long, though, which is nice.

You and Zoe are so RIDICULOUSLY CUTE together. The other day I was watching you play outside in the snow and she was pulling you around in the sled. I wanted to cry tears of pure gratitude because having a sister is just the best. It makes me so incredibly happy that you have each other. Sometimes when we drop her off at school you get a sad little look on your face and say "I'm gonna miss Zo." And my insides twist.

I love you SO SO SO much. You are the light of my life, my sweet girl. I am just so lucky that I get to be your mom.