Monday, August 20, 2012

Junie B - 17 months

Dear Bug,

You are upstairs sleeping as I type this which is something you haven't been doing much of these days. You slept like it was your job in Michigan - the best sleeping I think you've ever done and I was thrilled because I thought we'd turned some kind of corner in the sleep department but not so, evidently.

We got back from Michigan a little over a week ago and you, like your sister, LOVED it. You're a good little traveler, too. 14 hours by car each way; hotels; lots of new people; a huge dog. No sweat.

I was worried that you would be a holy terror at the beach because our experience with pools has been nothing but stressful. In true worrier fashion, I planned to have you either in your life jacket at all time or leashed. Yes, I bought you a baby leash. But as it turns out, you were a total pro at the beach. Sure, you did disgusting things like lick the sand and eat algae, but you were mellow and played happily in the sand and were cautious about the water. SCORE! Another beach baby!  

This year we ended up staying 5 whole weeks, which was great. We had a ton of visitors - Kieran, Eileen, Michael, Gabby, Cora, Liz and Ryan. Jack and Josie came for 12 days this time and we spent almost every single day at the beach. Partially because you were tossing my mom's house. Seriously - you were doing some serious rascal-damage. CDs on the rack? Stupid idea; those can come off. Plastic baggies in their box? Nope - those are better out of their box and all over the kitchen floor. Dog food? Yes, I'll eat that. Yum.

Above is a photo of you at my childhood beach; the beach I played at all summer long when I was a kid. It's surreal having you guys there. Life is weird. 

You are juuuuust starting to talk. You still do tons and tons of gibberish talking but you're starting to say things like you  mean them. You say "haaaa" for hi which makes you sound like Minnie Pearl. Yesterday you were playing with the phone and I was able to get you to repeat "hello" which sounded like "heh-wooo". Sort of awesomely teen wolf-ish. 

You are just the happiest little thing almost all the time. Even when you're tired you rarely get crabby or irritable. You do get mad and try to bite us when we prevent you carrying out some rascally plan you've hatched. That makes sense, though. We who dare to get in your way get punished. Duh.

I love you so much, Junebug. Someday you'll understand how much. Maybe. 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

15 month stats

Length: 32.75 in
Weight: 24.8 lbs
Disposition: Awesome