Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a tooth?

What? You're getting a tooth. You're only 3.5 months old, June.

STOOOPPPPPP growing up so fast!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Junie Beth, 3 months old

Dear June,

Guess what, Chubs? When I took you in this morning for your shot-only appointment, I snuck you on the scale and you weigh 15.5 lbs and that's apparently more than your 8 month old friend, Cora! We love the chubby babies around here, so keep it up.

You are getting so big - you're definitely no longer a tiny little infant larvae. You're a real baby with a personality and everything. I know you're going to be a mover and you'll give me a run for my money. You rolled over at 2.5 months and at 3 months you're always trying to sit up in your carseat. I have a mirror in front of your seat in the car and whenever I look back at you, you look like you're trying to get out. "No car riding for me, thanks, I'll just be going now."

You are still spitting up like CA-RAZY. Usually I just let you puke all over me because I'm Sisyphus here. You puke, I change my clothes and you puke again. No sense in trying to prevent getting covered in baby vomit because it's inevitable. But then sometimes I forget and when I turn my head to one side, I think, "What the hell is that smell?" Oh, right. PUKE! But, whatevs. You're still getting fat and chubby and I know you'll outgrow it.

Just like your big sis, you love to sleep in the swing. I guess I now officially owe my sanity to Fisher Price, makers of the Aquarium Cradle Swing. The other night the batteries ran out and I figured I'd see if you'd sleep in bed all night with me (you usually sleep about half the night in my bed). We're headed to New York next week and I can't take the swing with me so I thought it would be a good trial run. The answer? NO, SIR. It's not like you fuss or anything, you just seem like you're having some kind of spastic episode. No bueno. So guess who's buying a used swing in Brooklyn?

Man, I love you, kiddo. You're just the sweetest, happiest, most go-with-the-flow baby around. Whenever Zoe goes off with the big kids or spends the day at Grandpa's, I always intend to strap you on my back and get things accomplished around the house but I almost always just lay around with you. I make stupid noises and you laugh and I snuggle up and smell your neck (I have no idea how it smells so good with all the puke you pour all over it). I just want to drink you in because I know you'll grow up way too fast.

I love you, sweet girl.