Monday, March 4, 2013

Junebug 23 months

Hey my little bug!

I really should be writing on this blog all the time because you're saying and doing new stuff all the time but you're also a total rascal. Me sitting at the computer pretty much signals to you that it's time to start tearing everything up.

Up until TODAY when you wanted to nurse you would say, "nuh". Then suddenly today you said, "nuh-se". Yay!

You are absolutely adorable in every way and it's funny - everyone admits that you're a rascal but that you're the sweetest rascal they've ever met. A little snuggly peanut.

One of the funniest things (I think) that you're doing lately is that you don't say "I don't know" you say "know". So I'll say, "Junie, where are your boots?" and you'll say, "know." It's like you're just flat out denying the question...where are my boots? NO.

I yanked Zoe out of her preschool last month and you are loving having her home all the time. It really has done wonders for your relationship; you're playing together so much more and you get up to some hilarious shenanigans. One of your favorite games is playing with the monkey leash - one of you gets buckled in and the other holds the leash and you run around the house. Here you are playing beauty parlor.

You have turned into a great little traveler. We drove up to Michigan to see your Grandma Patty and have a little winter in February (little did we know that right when we'd get back, after a mostly dry couple of months, it would dump like two feet of snow on Kansas - what?) and you rolled with everything like a champ.

Your favorite snow activity is eating it, hands down. You like sledding (we'd all pile in the sled and you'd say "DOH!" as in GO) and you're sort of meh on the snowpeople but eating snow - that's tops for you. I guess I'm not surprised since you still love to eat crayons and dirt. Zoe would be all over sledding and making snowballs but you would just lay on your belly and stick your tongue in the snow. So cute.

You love to accessorize - you love necklaces, sunglasses, shoes and you've taken to wearing underpants over your clothes. It's all delightful.


I love you so much, little bean. You are really and truly the sunshine of my life, if you want me to quote Stevie Wonder. Which I'm sure you don't. Sorry, I'm your mom. I get to do this kind of thing.