Thursday, January 23, 2014



You at almost 3...I can't even tell you how adorable you are.You are the spunkiest little rascally kid but you are also the biggest sweetheart. You sit in my lap and smooch my face and say things like, "I love you so much!" In the middle of the night when you come into my bed you will say, "Can I cuddle with you?" and when I say yes you say, "Oh Goody!" (but it sounds like oh doody). I can't get enough of it. You also still say, "You da bess!" when we say yes to you. Which reminds me that you really don't like it when we say no to you. You'll sometimes say, "DON'T SAY NO TO ME!" or "Say yes!". Sometimes you get so mad when we say no that you cross your arms and say things like, "Don't look at me. You're mean. I don't like you anymore." Lately you've started saying, "I hate you!" because you love to be just like your teenagery big sister. And that big sister would NOT be your teenage sister Josie but your 6 year old sister, Zoe.

Whenever you and Zoe play games she always names someone Ella. It's like her go-to name. You, however, always choose Dayla. Dayla is your go-to name. Which is really hilarious since it's just something you made up and not actually a name you've ever heard.

I have been telling you stories at bedtime of when Grandpa David was little and when Aunt Jess and I were little. So you have started telling other people stories about yourself when you were little. You say, "When I leedle, I get stuck in mud! I say, 'MOMMEEE HELP MEEEE!" and then you laugh and laugh like that is the best story anyone has ever heard and you feel so lucky to be able to tell it.

For the longest time you said "I want somepoo eat" when you were hungry but just lately you have started saying, "Mom, my tummy is so hunn-ry." You'll often say, "I so thirssy. I need my wah-ballah (water bottle)." I know you'll outgrow saying things like this is a flash so I'm savoring it all right now. Just like 1/4 of all mom blog posts tell me to do.

You always want to be a part of the conversation so sometimes you'll hear me say something like, "well, that's on Saturday" and you'll say, "SATURDAY?! I hate Saturday!" and you'll kind of roll your eyes like, "sheesh, man? you know?"

Right now we are starting to learn potty stuff. I'd say you're about 10% in. You're not opposed exactly, but you kind of act like this is just another one of my crazy schemes and you'll humor me for a while until I get on some other jag. So we'll see. You're kind of sick right now w/ a crappy cough so I'm not putting it high on my list of priorities.

Well, guess what? I love you. I love you like crazy. I was listening to this book on tape and the main character has a baby and she said, "this love is so big it's TERRIFYING." Yup. That's exactly how I feel. Love you so much it hurts.


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