Tuesday, January 3, 2012

9 months, Junebug!

Dear June,


You turned 9 months old the other day. When your Grandma Patty was talking to me about her visit at Christmas time she said you have a great energy. It's true; you really do. You're just so HAPPY and mellow and just a little bit sly. You're totally determined but in sort of a sweet way. You're not "I will bowl you over to get what I want!"; more like "I'm going to get that thing I want, if you don't mind. Out of the way, dear. Please and thank you."

You love to play with everything BUT your millions and millions of toys. Cords, computers, appliances - that's the stuff you love. Dishwasher, yep. Pantry, of course. Toilet paper? YEEE HAW.

You are starting to stand a little bit on your own and you've totally mastered the stairs - although not how to go down, so that adds a little bit of a danger element.

It totally cracks me up how on the move you are - it's like you've always got somewhere to go and FAST! When you wake up from your (very short) naps, you don't even make a peep you just start crawling off the bed. You've fallen off a few times; right on your face. We have set up a little video monitor app with my iPhone and the iPad so that we can watch you. It's hilarious - you just BAIL OUT. We can't rely on the audio monitor anymore...because all we'd hear is you screaming when you fall off the bed. Good think we like modern furniture - it's all very low to the ground.

You are doing this awesome little head shake thing that we LOVE. Here's a video:

We had a really great and crazy Christmas with all of my family here - Grandma Patty and Phil; Jess and Michael; and even your Sir Sleeps-A-Lot uncle Colin. It was total mayhem but you loved it and though you seemed kind of weirded out by everyone at first you soon became best buds w/ everyone. Grandma fed you all kinds of things and bathed you in the sink and cut your nails and took you on walks. Jessie used her sleepy vibes to get you to fall asleep on her chest a few times, which was great. Santa came and brought you all kinds of toys that you eschew in favor of computer cords and pieces of paper. All in all a success!

I just can't even convey to you how much I love you, my little bean. It is so insane. Every night when we go to sleep (you pretty much refuse to sleep without me nearby for very long) I just have to drink you in because you are growing so fast and soon you'll be a big girl just like your sister. But right now you're my cute little snuggly bug.

I love you so much, June. So, so, so much I might freak out.