Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Juniper B. Rascal Pants

Hi Bug!

You are so rascally that I am out at the bookstore updating your blog because I just can't get much done at home. Right before we left you got into the butt cream and rubbed it all over your hands and had a little taste. Yuck. And earlier today I took a little video of you outside trying to make your getaway up the hill. That's your thing lately, you just go walking away from the house up the hill. I have an inkling that you might be trying to get to the mailbox but you never know. You might be trying to go to school or walk into town.

 You are talking more all the time. There are things you say that I understand - understand in that I know what you're trying to say but I have no idea what you're actually trying to say. Ha.

For example, today when you wanted to get out of the swing you said, "Au jus" - JUST like au jus the meat juice stuff. It means you're all done or you want to get out. You also say something like this to mean you want to go outside.

When you want to nurse you say, "Nuh!" and when you want to switch sides you say, "ah too" which I guess is other? I don't know for sure. You call the iPad the "iPee" which is what I have started calling it too - its just funnier.

You call Zoe "Zoe-whoa", which is probably the best name for her ever since WHOA. Zoe! Just...whoa.

You say whoa and wow and yay a lot, which is awesome. You're sort of always wowed and pleased. It's a great way to be, kid. Keep that up.

You and Zoe have really started playing together, which I love. Since I am so close with your Aunt Jess, I am all about the sister-love. You really hold your ground with Zoe and often times you're the one beating her up. She's very patient with you, which is really sweet. She's officially a better big sister than I was at her age. But to keep it that way I would recommend you stop pulling her hair.

You go with the flow really well, kiddo. We went to "France Cancisco" as Zoe calls it to visit Aunt Jess and you were such a great traveler. Thank goodness for the iPee.

Jess and Michael moved to SF from Brooklyn in June and we were all super excited to be visiting her somewhere other than NYC. Don't get me wrong, New York is great. Just not so great to visit all the time with kids and you know, the fact that everything costs money there (even breathing air and peeing)  and she never had enough room for us to stay with her and everyone's mean and they act like you're in their way and out to ruin their lives. Anyway. She moved to SF and got an apartment with enough room for us to stay, and the people in France Cancisco are so laid back and hippie-ish. The guy at the hot dog cart (where they also had veggie dogs) looked right at me when it was my turn and said, "What'sss uuuupppp?" Score one for SF.

Then we went to Branson for Thanksgiving with the Hiltons and we had Zoe's crazy 5th birthday party and you just coast along like it's all no big thang. Just anotha day, yo.

I am SO excited for Christmas with you, beanie. You're going to LOVE it. You are already super excited about all the little advent goodie bags and you hold the purple reindeer we have, prancing them around saying, "NAY! NAY! NAY!" I hope it snows. Right now it's like 65 degrees and it's December 4th. Ugh. Kansas City really nails it in the spring and fall but man, it gets summer and winter ALL WRONG.

I love you, little punkin. So so so so so much it hurts.