Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Juniper B. Rascal Pants

Hi Bug!

You are so rascally that I am out at the bookstore updating your blog because I just can't get much done at home. Right before we left you got into the butt cream and rubbed it all over your hands and had a little taste. Yuck. And earlier today I took a little video of you outside trying to make your getaway up the hill. That's your thing lately, you just go walking away from the house up the hill. I have an inkling that you might be trying to get to the mailbox but you never know. You might be trying to go to school or walk into town.

 You are talking more all the time. There are things you say that I understand - understand in that I know what you're trying to say but I have no idea what you're actually trying to say. Ha.

For example, today when you wanted to get out of the swing you said, "Au jus" - JUST like au jus the meat juice stuff. It means you're all done or you want to get out. You also say something like this to mean you want to go outside.

When you want to nurse you say, "Nuh!" and when you want to switch sides you say, "ah too" which I guess is other? I don't know for sure. You call the iPad the "iPee" which is what I have started calling it too - its just funnier.

You call Zoe "Zoe-whoa", which is probably the best name for her ever since WHOA. Zoe! Just...whoa.

You say whoa and wow and yay a lot, which is awesome. You're sort of always wowed and pleased. It's a great way to be, kid. Keep that up.

You and Zoe have really started playing together, which I love. Since I am so close with your Aunt Jess, I am all about the sister-love. You really hold your ground with Zoe and often times you're the one beating her up. She's very patient with you, which is really sweet. She's officially a better big sister than I was at her age. But to keep it that way I would recommend you stop pulling her hair.

You go with the flow really well, kiddo. We went to "France Cancisco" as Zoe calls it to visit Aunt Jess and you were such a great traveler. Thank goodness for the iPee.

Jess and Michael moved to SF from Brooklyn in June and we were all super excited to be visiting her somewhere other than NYC. Don't get me wrong, New York is great. Just not so great to visit all the time with kids and you know, the fact that everything costs money there (even breathing air and peeing)  and she never had enough room for us to stay with her and everyone's mean and they act like you're in their way and out to ruin their lives. Anyway. She moved to SF and got an apartment with enough room for us to stay, and the people in France Cancisco are so laid back and hippie-ish. The guy at the hot dog cart (where they also had veggie dogs) looked right at me when it was my turn and said, "What'sss uuuupppp?" Score one for SF.

Then we went to Branson for Thanksgiving with the Hiltons and we had Zoe's crazy 5th birthday party and you just coast along like it's all no big thang. Just anotha day, yo.

I am SO excited for Christmas with you, beanie. You're going to LOVE it. You are already super excited about all the little advent goodie bags and you hold the purple reindeer we have, prancing them around saying, "NAY! NAY! NAY!" I hope it snows. Right now it's like 65 degrees and it's December 4th. Ugh. Kansas City really nails it in the spring and fall but man, it gets summer and winter ALL WRONG.

I love you, little punkin. So so so so so much it hurts.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

Dear Bug,

Guess what? Obama was re-elected!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I knew I was nervous but until today I didn't realize how nervous I actually was.

You were born into a world where Obama was already President. Lucky kid! And I'm so glad that he will be the POTUS for the next 4 years. I really believe he is a capable leader.

Sure, we're not in the best place as a country but we're in a better place than we were 4 years ago when he took office. We're making progress. Most of all, I feel so relieved that we have someone in office who believes that gay people should have the same rights as the rest of us. Someone who believes that women can make their own reproductive health decisions. Someone who believes that we all should have access to affordable health care.

And not only was Obama re-elected, we have 18 women in the Senate. We have our first openly gay woman Senator. Elizabeth Warren was elected! Claire McCaskill beat Todd Akin! It was a great night for us, Bug. Particularly for you young people. I feel good about the road we're on for your generation.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today Zoe called her Junebutt

Dear Junebug (or Junebutt),

I'm sorry again that I update this so infrequently. Life is crazy and I'm also old. 37 in a few weeks! 

You are growing up so fast. I can't believe you're almost 19 months old. And before I forget - here are your 18 month old stats: 

Weight: 25.25 lbs (81%)
Height: 33.5 in. (92%)


Right now you are totally trying to be just like your big sister. You see her on the iPad so you've figured out how to navigate around it. You grab it say, "Mine!" ELMO!" and find your way to the PBS kids app. Like a boss. 

You are also learning how to run. It is so cute I could die but is resulting in quite a lot of falling and scraping your poor little palms. 

One of my favorite things that you do right now is you laugh this funny little "he he ... he he" laugh when you're going to get something you want like chocolate or a yogurt or to nurse. It's the best. 

I'm surprised, I have to say, that your humor is so sophisticated. The other night your dad went to a Die Antwoord concert in Lawrence and I stayed home with you guys so you slept with me (you normally sleep with him and I sleep in Zoe's room) and you woke up at 3am and pulled on my shirt (your usual signal that you want to nurse) and you said, "MOO". Um? Really? We're going there, huh? Some people have said that you should stop nursing when your child is old enough to argue with about it. I guess one could argue that you should stop nursing when your child is old enough to make fun of you for being like a dairy cow. Still, we're nursing until you're 2. Lucky kid.

You are talking quite a bit. It's cracking me up the things you say, though. You don't say any of your sibling's names but you say Elmo and Dora. You say the same thing for outside, iPad and all done. It sounds like "Ah-thoo". Your most favorite word is NO. You've got that one down. You say wa-wa-wa-wa for water. You don't say yes, but you say "yeah". You've got all the animal sounds down although you always say "neigh" for unicorns and zebras but I'm not sure I can correct those so let's just go with it. You say baby, pee-pee, up, buckle, mine, apple, and I'm sure a lot of other words that I can't think of right now. 

In a few weeks we're going to visit your Aunt Jess is France Cancisco (as your sister says). I am super excited to see her but I'm worried you won't sleep. You're not a fan. You sleep the best for your dad, but he's not going. Wah.

Travis says you're a lot like he was - you're totally rascally. Every time we go over to Liz's, you dig up her plants and sneak into her room and put toothpaste all around her phone. You pull stuff out of the garbage, draw on the floor with crayons, and climb up on the toilet and grab sunscreen out of the cabinet and squirt all over the floor. But we really can't be mad at you because you have the sweetest little curious demeanor - you're all, "what? hey! I'm just growing my brain over here. Just a little explorer." And you have this thing you do where you cock your head to one side and smile this sly little "you know you love me to pieces" smile. It's pretty awesome.

You are so much fun, little Bean. I love that every single day I get to wake to your little "ooh - I get to nurse!" laugh when your Dad brings you in to me. You make me so, so happy. I love you so much sometimes I think I might freak out.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Junie B - 17 months

Dear Bug,

You are upstairs sleeping as I type this which is something you haven't been doing much of these days. You slept like it was your job in Michigan - the best sleeping I think you've ever done and I was thrilled because I thought we'd turned some kind of corner in the sleep department but not so, evidently.

We got back from Michigan a little over a week ago and you, like your sister, LOVED it. You're a good little traveler, too. 14 hours by car each way; hotels; lots of new people; a huge dog. No sweat.

I was worried that you would be a holy terror at the beach because our experience with pools has been nothing but stressful. In true worrier fashion, I planned to have you either in your life jacket at all time or leashed. Yes, I bought you a baby leash. But as it turns out, you were a total pro at the beach. Sure, you did disgusting things like lick the sand and eat algae, but you were mellow and played happily in the sand and were cautious about the water. SCORE! Another beach baby!  

This year we ended up staying 5 whole weeks, which was great. We had a ton of visitors - Kieran, Eileen, Michael, Gabby, Cora, Liz and Ryan. Jack and Josie came for 12 days this time and we spent almost every single day at the beach. Partially because you were tossing my mom's house. Seriously - you were doing some serious rascal-damage. CDs on the rack? Stupid idea; those can come off. Plastic baggies in their box? Nope - those are better out of their box and all over the kitchen floor. Dog food? Yes, I'll eat that. Yum.

Above is a photo of you at my childhood beach; the beach I played at all summer long when I was a kid. It's surreal having you guys there. Life is weird. 

You are juuuuust starting to talk. You still do tons and tons of gibberish talking but you're starting to say things like you  mean them. You say "haaaa" for hi which makes you sound like Minnie Pearl. Yesterday you were playing with the phone and I was able to get you to repeat "hello" which sounded like "heh-wooo". Sort of awesomely teen wolf-ish. 

You are just the happiest little thing almost all the time. Even when you're tired you rarely get crabby or irritable. You do get mad and try to bite us when we prevent you carrying out some rascally plan you've hatched. That makes sense, though. We who dare to get in your way get punished. Duh.

I love you so much, Junebug. Someday you'll understand how much. Maybe. 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

15 month stats

Length: 32.75 in
Weight: 24.8 lbs
Disposition: Awesome

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Juniper at 14 months

Dear June,

You just turned 14 months old the other day. You are walking, babbling, screeching and making everyone feel self-conscious because of the looks you give them. You, in general, are very disapproving. It's like you're always questioning, "WHAT? What do you want? Who are YOU? What do YOU have to offer me, anyway? Get out of my freakin' face." Of course, it's awesome.

I don't get a lot of blogging time because you and your sister are always up to some kind of shenanigans. You are into everything - on a totally different level than Zoe was at your age. We had to UP the baby-proofing since you are seriously rascally. I don't know how you seem to just KNOW to go to the most dangerous, messiest, most disastrous thing in any given room but man, you've got that mastered. 

You also try to get IN to things like drawers, cabinets, and behind chairs and couches. You like to try to squeeze yourself into tight spaces. Who knows why, but it's pretty funny. 

You're still such a happy little monkey. You get so excited about things. You do this funny little laughing thing when you see you'll get to eat mac n' cheese, or nurse or dump a whole cup of ice all over yourself. It's so cute I sometimes want to scream. 

We are leaving for Michigan in about 6 weeks and I'm so excited to see what you make of it this year. Last year you couldn't even sit up and this year you're going to go bonkers for that place. I am a little concerned about you at the beach, but I think maybe if I put you in a lifejacket and on a leash we should be good. 

You are learning so much every day. It's really crazy. This morning Zoe said, "Hey, June! Say AHHHH." and you just opened your mouth right up and said AH. Then she said, "Now, clap!" and you did. You clapped. Zoe thinks she has the magic touch. I think you're humoring her. Which is all kinds of awesome. 

You are SO much fun, Junebug. I can't even begin to describe how happy you make your mama. I love you so much. 


Friday, March 30, 2012


Junie's one year appt stats: 

height/length: 31.25 inches
weight: 22.8 lbs


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Junie B. One-Year-Old

Well, today you turn 1 year old. I really can't believe it.

A year ago I was so happy to have my new little baby in my arms. Today I'm digging rocks out of your mouth (you eat rocks - what gives?) and laughing at your funny little toddler babble. A year makes such a big difference, kid.

We had your birthday party on Sunday (a few days ago) and you had a GREAT time. See?

We had your buddies Cora and Gabby here for your party, as well as your sibs and Grandpa David. Gabby and Cora got you a pot (a bug - you're Junebug!) full of organic dirt because you do some serious damage to their potted plants when we visit them. What a perfect gift.

Grandpa got you a tiny little rider/pusher toy that is the perfect size for you. You love to push it around all over the place. Only trouble is you don't stop, so you've almost toppled down the hill a few times. 

I will admit that I went totally overboard with the cakes. I think I must be trying to make up for past cake failures (there have been many). Still - you only have one first birthday so that seems like a good time to go totally ape. 

You are such a sweet little baby. Sweet and rascally. You are absolutely wild about the prospect of getting into the toilet so you make a beeline for the bathroom any time you see anyone in there. I find it rather disgusting but you don't seem to care what I think. 

You took a few steps a few weeks ago but nothing since. You have a couple of walker type toys that you love to walk behind but you inevitably bail and then just start walking on your knees. I think all this warm  weather is good, though, because both walking on your knees and crawling hurt so that's a good incentive to get up and walk. I'm betting you'll be walking in about a month. That's my guess. Should I put money down? 

You don't have any consistent words but you say Mumma and Dah! so I guess that counts. You love to take the remote and point it at the TV and say, "dah!". You also grab Zoe's headbands and try to put them on (she's on a bit of a headband kick so they're everywhere) so you know what's goin' on. 

I am so happy that you're my kid, bug. You are just the perfect little addition to our family and it feels like you have always been here. I can't believe a year ago you had just popped out. Life is weird. You'll hear me say this a lot. 

I wish I could find a way to explain the way that I love you - it's something akin to bursting into flames or melting into a puddle maybe? I don't know. It's too big and crazy and all-consuming to really explain or describe. You'll know someday, I'm sure. Like when you have your own babies. 

Happy Birthday, sweet little girl. You have made this last year such an incredibly happy one. I love you so much. 


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Junie B. Hair Cut

Guess who got her first hair cut? 

You have a lot of hair, pumpkin, and it was getting all NUTS. When I tried to snip just the hair that was always hanging in your face you moved and it turned out badly. And then of course I had nightmares of jamming your eyes with scissors because you're such a squirmy little rascal. So - best to leave these things to professionals is what I always say. Your mother is nothing if not resourceful. 

You would have done really well had it not been for your dreadlocks in the back. I tried as best I could to comb them all out before we went but there were a few I just couldn't get and so when Brandi combed them out you cried. Big, fat tears. 

If you would just stop letting them dread your hair at your Rastafarian gatherings, we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of stuff, you know? 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey, CUTE!

Dear Juniper, 



And, sweet. You're so sweet.

I was talking to my friend Liz the other day about how guilty I feel that I'm altogether so much worse at updating your blog. I asked her if she felt that way about her second child and she said, "Nope. I don't have any guilt. Sure, I can't give Cora everything I gave Gabby, but she has Gabby. And because of it her life is so much more rich." She's right, you know. Part of the reason I can't and don't update this blog as much as I did Zoe's is because of you and Zoe. God, you love Zoe. You let her get away with shocking things. She will yell in your face and you'll giggle. She'll try and hug you HARD when it's clear you're not into it and you'll give in and bury your face in her chest. It kills me. When you wake up in the morning and see her in bed with us, you DIVE for her. 

You were sleeping like a total maniac there for a while and I was about to lose it, so we bought you a crib. I can't say you LOVE it, but you're way more agreeable about it than I expected. You are mostly pissed you can't sleep with a boob in your mouth at all times. Sorry. Not happening. An exhausted mama is NOT something you want, trust me. I have had a bunch of anxiety about you not sleeping right next to me because I love it when you sleep next to me but it really only works if you sleep, dude. 

You're eating a lot - you LOVE beans and fruit (mini-Jessie!) and you're very good at picking things up with your little fingers. You are crawling all over the place and pulling up but I think you're still a few months from walking. You seem to think your feet are made of lead bricks. That is except for when you're going up the stairs. Then you burn rubber. 

You do quite a bit of babbling. You say Mama, Dada and lodolodolodo but I'm not sure you know what they mean. Especially lodolodolodolodo. I'm not even sure I know what that means. 

I love you so much. I want to eat your face. Seriously. You smell so good and your skin is so soft and you're so good natured and delightful. You roll with the nuttiness of this family so well. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

9 months, Junebug!

Dear June,


You turned 9 months old the other day. When your Grandma Patty was talking to me about her visit at Christmas time she said you have a great energy. It's true; you really do. You're just so HAPPY and mellow and just a little bit sly. You're totally determined but in sort of a sweet way. You're not "I will bowl you over to get what I want!"; more like "I'm going to get that thing I want, if you don't mind. Out of the way, dear. Please and thank you."

You love to play with everything BUT your millions and millions of toys. Cords, computers, appliances - that's the stuff you love. Dishwasher, yep. Pantry, of course. Toilet paper? YEEE HAW.

You are starting to stand a little bit on your own and you've totally mastered the stairs - although not how to go down, so that adds a little bit of a danger element.

It totally cracks me up how on the move you are - it's like you've always got somewhere to go and FAST! When you wake up from your (very short) naps, you don't even make a peep you just start crawling off the bed. You've fallen off a few times; right on your face. We have set up a little video monitor app with my iPhone and the iPad so that we can watch you. It's hilarious - you just BAIL OUT. We can't rely on the audio monitor anymore...because all we'd hear is you screaming when you fall off the bed. Good think we like modern furniture - it's all very low to the ground.

You are doing this awesome little head shake thing that we LOVE. Here's a video:

We had a really great and crazy Christmas with all of my family here - Grandma Patty and Phil; Jess and Michael; and even your Sir Sleeps-A-Lot uncle Colin. It was total mayhem but you loved it and though you seemed kind of weirded out by everyone at first you soon became best buds w/ everyone. Grandma fed you all kinds of things and bathed you in the sink and cut your nails and took you on walks. Jessie used her sleepy vibes to get you to fall asleep on her chest a few times, which was great. Santa came and brought you all kinds of toys that you eschew in favor of computer cords and pieces of paper. All in all a success!

I just can't even convey to you how much I love you, my little bean. It is so insane. Every night when we go to sleep (you pretty much refuse to sleep without me nearby for very long) I just have to drink you in because you are growing so fast and soon you'll be a big girl just like your sister. But right now you're my cute little snuggly bug.

I love you so much, June. So, so, so much I might freak out.