Thursday, September 8, 2016


Dear Bug,

Somehow you started KINDERGARTEN! What? You were so ready, though, and you think it's pretty cool to be going to school with Zoe in the mornings.

I was a little worried you would think the day was too long (you go all day just like the big kids!) and that it would be too many days in a row. Last year when you were in Pre-K, when I told you it was a school day you looked at me like I was torturing you. Not this year, though. You're so happy at Briarwood with your lovely teacher, Miss Nick, and all of your neighborhood pals. This is one of the classic parenting truths: the things that you think will be hard are rarely hard. And often it's harder on you than the child. Feel free to embroider that on a pillow if you want.

You are just the sweetest little love. Miss Nick says you draw her love pictures all the time at school. I am trying to get you to sleep in your own bed more often because you are so big that you kick and smack me in the face all the time when you're moving around in your sleep. Problem is, you always say the sweetest things like, "I just want to be next to you so I can have a happy sleep." You've got my number, kid. I can't say no. Obviously.

You and Kelsey Carroll are the best of friends and play all the time. One of your favorite things to do this summer was collect cicada shells and play with them. You would name them, and give them little beds and set up a whole hospital and/or (roach) hotel.  Kind of gross if you ask me, but funny.

We had an amazing time in Michigan, OF COURSE. You are so sensitive that you really miss your dad, the big kids and your friends when we are gone but you also really love to spend all that time with Grandma Patty and your kitty, Bebe. This year Charlie was there for 10 days and you guys had a blast together. He is the cutest little nugget and you loved being bigger than somebody. You call him "Chawlie" and it rules.

 I'm so proud of you, Bugsy. You're growing up too fast, though. If you could put the brakes on that, I would be grateful. If I think about it too much, it makes me want to lay on the ground and cry. Josie started her senior year this year! In a year she'll be going off to college and it really seems like just a few years ago she was 7 years old. We are all going to miss her so much it's going to SUCK. You'll notice this is a thing with me - the passage of time really FREAKS ME OUT. But enough about that.

I love you to bits. I'm sorry that sometimes I say things like "No more leaving shoes in the car! You have to have shoes on before we get to the drop-off line!" Who cares? Am I right? Someday I'll be wishing there were still tiny flip flops laying around in my car, I just know it. Being a mom is a weird business. But I love you, all the time. Every minute. And I can't write these damn blogs without crying. Maybe that's why I'm so bad at updating them.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Junie

Hi Bug!

Sometimes when we call you something other than Junie (like Bug, or Junebug or Juniper), you say, "No, I'm JUST JUNIE!"

I know I always have an excuse for why I don't get to this blog more often, but excuses are cool. Right? This time, it's that things are busy and FUN!

The fall is such a crazy fun time with Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Zoe's birthday and then Christmas! And this year a few weeks after Christmas we went to Arizona. There has been no shortage of fun around here, kiddo.

In the past few months you've gotten really into sharks (you pronounce it SHOUT) and have decided that your power animal might, in fact, be a shark. You used to be really into cheetahs, and you still are, but I have a feeling sharks are going to take the crown for a while.

You are just so, so sweet. You want to snuggle all the time and hold my cheek and give me "tisses" and you tell me I'm the best mom ever.

Sometimes, though, you get mad and tell me that I'm actually NOT the best mom ever and I'm not even the best DRIVER ever. This is the sort of thing that comes out of your mouth when I, for example, try to put your snowpants on and you remember that they are blue and blue is NOT your favorite color. Or if I make you hand over a marker when I can see you're clearly on your way to color something that is NOT meant to be colored on. You don't stay mad long, though, which is nice.

You and Zoe are so RIDICULOUSLY CUTE together. The other day I was watching you play outside in the snow and she was pulling you around in the sled. I wanted to cry tears of pure gratitude because having a sister is just the best. It makes me so incredibly happy that you have each other. Sometimes when we drop her off at school you get a sad little look on your face and say "I'm gonna miss Zo." And my insides twist.

I love you SO SO SO much. You are the light of my life, my sweet girl. I am just so lucky that I get to be your mom.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Catch Up


Time to play catch up, I guess. We moved! Moving sucks! It's super stressful and leaves things like blogs in the dust. You just have to deal with it ALL THE TIME. So, sorry I've neglected this blog for so long but it's time to catch up!

Here's our new house. It's cute and we love it. We mostly love it because it's right near our dearest friends but also because it's in a sweet neighborhood with tree-lined streets and you guys can walk to school and it's just what I wanted for you guys as your childhood home.

We also had a crazy summer full of fun and fun and more fun. We joined Round Hill pool, which turned out to be one of our better ideas. Then of course we spent a month in Michigan doing everything fun there is to do. We ate SO MUCH ICE CREAM. 

And of course you got to meet your cousin, Charlie Coconut, for the first time. You adore him. You call him Chowlie Toe-ta-nut.

When we got back, you stood on your chair and managed to fall right off backwards and that landed us in the ER. You ended up with this: 

Luckily, you're just a pretty happy roll-with-it kid so you aren't that bothered. Phew. 

The other thing that you've been doing lately, which I think is so funny, is getting super into one toy (or type of toy) for like 1-3 weeks and then basically forgetting about it altogether. You got a Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl and it was THE THING. You carried it everywhere. You played with it every single second. Until you found Magic Clip Green Anna. Then you only played with Magic Clips. Next it was Thomas and "greenie greenie" the Trains. Now it's Sultan of the Disney Palace Pets. It's exhausting and hilarious. And expensive because you beg and beg and beg and you just have to have whatever it is....

I love you, Buggy. You are so funny and sweet and feisty and you just make us all so happy. I love it so much when you wake up at night and say, "I wanna snuddle you." and you put your hand right on my cheek. I just melt, kid. 


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Don't Tiss Me, That's Yut

Junebug, you're THREE!

Even though I can't even remember life without you, I also can't believe you're already 3. You're already the age that Zoe was when you were born. Crazy insane how time flies, kid.

You have been talking about your birthday for weeks and weeks and were not the best sport about other people's birthdays leading up to yours. For example, when we tried to sing to Grandpa David you said, "It's MY birthday!" (although when you say it it sounds like boat-day) and then you sulked. But this time it really was your birthday and you had the best time. You are obsessed with the movie Frozen and you got A LOT of Frozen toys and clothes for your big day.

I love this picture of you looking so pleased with your Frozen dress and Elsa doll.

You just learned how to go on the potty a few weeks ago and that was SO EASY, I can't even believe it. You're a smart cookie, kiddo. I always gear up for things like this (starting preschool, weaning, potty-training, etc) like I'm driving straight into a hurricane and you guys always show me up. You're all, "Um, nailed it. Good thing you got all nuts, Mom. Ain't no thang, fool." 

You are so funny;  you hardly ate any of your birthday cake because you did mostly this: 

It's awesome. And messy. Luckily your Dad seems to totally get it so he's happy to let you go to town. The desire to squish your cake must come from his side. It's lost on me, man. 

I love you SO much! You're growing up into such an awesome little kid. You're so sweet and funny and rascally and feisty and I love you to bits and bits. 


Thursday, January 23, 2014



You at almost 3...I can't even tell you how adorable you are.You are the spunkiest little rascally kid but you are also the biggest sweetheart. You sit in my lap and smooch my face and say things like, "I love you so much!" In the middle of the night when you come into my bed you will say, "Can I cuddle with you?" and when I say yes you say, "Oh Goody!" (but it sounds like oh doody). I can't get enough of it. You also still say, "You da bess!" when we say yes to you. Which reminds me that you really don't like it when we say no to you. You'll sometimes say, "DON'T SAY NO TO ME!" or "Say yes!". Sometimes you get so mad when we say no that you cross your arms and say things like, "Don't look at me. You're mean. I don't like you anymore." Lately you've started saying, "I hate you!" because you love to be just like your teenagery big sister. And that big sister would NOT be your teenage sister Josie but your 6 year old sister, Zoe.

Whenever you and Zoe play games she always names someone Ella. It's like her go-to name. You, however, always choose Dayla. Dayla is your go-to name. Which is really hilarious since it's just something you made up and not actually a name you've ever heard.

I have been telling you stories at bedtime of when Grandpa David was little and when Aunt Jess and I were little. So you have started telling other people stories about yourself when you were little. You say, "When I leedle, I get stuck in mud! I say, 'MOMMEEE HELP MEEEE!" and then you laugh and laugh like that is the best story anyone has ever heard and you feel so lucky to be able to tell it.

For the longest time you said "I want somepoo eat" when you were hungry but just lately you have started saying, "Mom, my tummy is so hunn-ry." You'll often say, "I so thirssy. I need my wah-ballah (water bottle)." I know you'll outgrow saying things like this is a flash so I'm savoring it all right now. Just like 1/4 of all mom blog posts tell me to do.

You always want to be a part of the conversation so sometimes you'll hear me say something like, "well, that's on Saturday" and you'll say, "SATURDAY?! I hate Saturday!" and you'll kind of roll your eyes like, "sheesh, man? you know?"

Right now we are starting to learn potty stuff. I'd say you're about 10% in. You're not opposed exactly, but you kind of act like this is just another one of my crazy schemes and you'll humor me for a while until I get on some other jag. So we'll see. You're kind of sick right now w/ a crappy cough so I'm not putting it high on my list of priorities.

Well, guess what? I love you. I love you like crazy. I was listening to this book on tape and the main character has a baby and she said, "this love is so big it's TERRIFYING." Yup. That's exactly how I feel. Love you so much it hurts.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Letter from Grandma Patty

Dear Junie,

I so loved spending time with you last week. I'm so sorry that you fell asleep when your Mom dropped me off at the airport. I did kiss you and tell you I love you while you were sleeping.

You are so much fun. I loved digging in the dirt with you, playing in the park and rolling pie dough. I love your sense of style...a fancy dress (that you love) doesn't stop you from getting down with digging or spinning on your swing. Who cares about ketchup on your dress, life is meant to be savored.

I love how you spontaneously kiss me and I also love how you wrap your arms around yourself and exclaim, "I'm frustrated."

You and Zoe have SO much fun together. She can make you laugh like crazy and you love to mimic her every move. But, she can't get over on you. Oh no, not a chance. You let her know what is the deal.

I recently sent you a new fancy dress because your Mom said that the one you love is getting too small. By the way, you are amazingly tall and so skilled for a 2 year old. I bought you a size 3T and I hope it fits.

Your Halloween costume is to die for! You will be the cutest unicorn rider EVER. I wish I could be there to see you.

I look forward to spending Christmas with you here at my house.  That will be a special treat for me. I love you to the moon and back and all around the cosmos Junie B Jones Hilton.

Smooch smooch smooches.
Grandma Patty

Thursday, September 5, 2013

27 months

Hi Junebug!

As I write this you are over at Grandpa David's having your "Grandpa Day". This is when you pack up your pat-pat (backpack) and go spend the morning at Grandpa's. You LOVE this. You get so excited. This morning you packed up your bathing suit and your My Little Ponies (Maya Ponies as you say) and said, "I ready!"

 You are really talking now and it's 100% awesome. You were outside playing in the mud yesterday and you saw a daddy long legs and you said, "Mom! So scary! Spider! Daddy Legs! See?"

Your dad and I were talking yesterday about how cute we think it is that whenever you ask a question (like "who's that guy?") and we answer you ("that's our neighbor") you say, "oh yeah." Like you knew all along, you were just checking to make sure WE know. I love it.

You also say "settle down" when things get a little rowdy. At first we thought you were saying, "Shut it down!" which was hilarious but where on earth would you have heard that? Settle down is more appropriate anyway.

Sometimes when I give you a choice about what to wear you'll say, "YES OR NO! YES OR NO!" I can tell your sense of humor is going to be killer, kiddo.

You're almost done breastfeeding - you and Zoe both nursed until you were 2.5 I'm happy to say. It's such a bittersweet time (sappy sappy sap sap sap), but I'm mostly happy that we had such a good run and that now you're ready to be a big kid. Pretty soon you'll be potty trained and then start kindergarten and then grow up and leave me. But let's not go down that horrible road.

Oh, I love you to bits my little bug. I just can't even find the words to describe it, as any mother will tell you. Head and heart exploding? Being brought to your knees a thousand times a second? Insides turning to goo? I don't know. It just is, I guess.

You and your sis are the lights of my life. Please remember this when I'm old, crazy and totally bossy.