Thursday, June 20, 2013

Words and Phrases

Hi Junebug,

I seriously can't get enough of the things you say and the way you say them. When something goes awry, like you dump your plate on the floor accidentally, you'll say, "Oh my" - but you drag it out like, 'oh myyyyyyy'. If you can't get the door open or something won't come out of a drawer you'll say, "oooh --- no woot-ting" or "no wu-tang" for not working and you'll look concerned. I sort of like to think you're saying a big NO to the Wu Tang Clan. Maybe you're just more of a West Coast hip hop person. Who knows.

You don't call Zoe Doh-Whoa anymore - she's now Joey. And you call Jack "Jatch". You call all of your Grandparents "Gamma".

You are in love with your vitamins and you'll ask for them periodically throughout the day. You'll say, "Vie-me me." Too bad you can only have 3 a day. That's a lot of disappointment for you.

I think the thing you say the most, though, is "Me, too!" - you want to do everything the big kids do. It's adorable. Obvi.

I just wanted to update this so we'll all remember these cute little things you say. I love you, Buggy.


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